About Me

Hi! My name is Shennie and I'm the face behind Simply Dreamy Photography.

I started out my photography business in 2011, in hopes of growing an interest I had for many years. After so much support from family and friends, I've grown this company and so many clients have now become friends (love it when that happens!).

More about me: I've been married for 13 years (wow), we have 4 beautiful children ages 10 and under, and another few furry animals (yes my home is crazy, never actually quiet, but I'd be lost without the crazy that they bring me). I know that this is a business and therefore it is a job, but I LOVE IT! It's my ME time even though I'm not alone. I love HARD...a trait I think everyone should try and have because what is this life without giving it your all? I love Starbucks, Target, Amazon, the color blue (I just realized I described my car and the decal I have on it lol), sushi, I'm always cold even in 75 degrees, I have a mom van (and I'm TOTALLY okay with that), I have my hair up in a bun/knot most of the time and a big sweater on. Oh and I love photography. =)